• CareFramework is our brand identity for our services provided to the Health and Social Care Sector.
  • We provide services to providers working in the following sectors Domiciliary Care, Children Homes, Adult Supported Living, Care Homes, Semi-Independent Accommodation 16 - 18.


CareFramework trading as MSCB Global Limited

Specialised Services for Home Care, Care Home, Children Homes, Supported Living and Transition to Independence Providers

One of the biggest challenges faced in the UK is the provision of Care for those that need it most either through incapacity, ill health, age, or, because they have maybe not had the ideal start in life.

The health service and local authorities are, and will continue to, struggle to meet demand. The demand also is not uniform so often issues such as bed blocking, 24-hour care, respite care, or, a young individual is discharged from a provider given no notice.

A Care provider must be adaptive, responsive and professional in accepting referrals.  To be able to do this the business must operate in a "lean" manner whilst still ensuring the business processes are effective and comprehensive and the regulator and authority is confident in making the referral.

Supported Living Services include a comprehensive understanding of Adults in Care, Adults seeking to live independent with visiting support, Adults living Semi-Independent with waking or sleeping night live-in support, 16-25 Young People with support and Children's Homes.

CareFamework was established based on 12-years providing Consultancy and Coaching across sectors and since 2016 focussed on the Care Sector.



We have over 100 policies which we will provide in Word format for you to adapt and change to meet your business needs.


Tendering is one way to develop your business. Success is based on experience and ensuring you follow the guidelines. Tendering can be time consuming and frustrating especially when unsuccessful.


Safeguarding your Service Users is critical and ensuring that measures are taken to mitigate through risk assessments, safer recruitment and robust controls.

Management Services

Our Consultancy services cover Consultancy, Coaching and Mentoring. The services are tailored to the individual or business.


Our Business services cover Staffing, Processes, Methodologies, Operational Management and Best Practice. Please contact us to discuss how we can support specific areas.


At the heart of Governance and Controls are your business processes and procedures.
  • Supported Living can be both Regulated or Unregulated and will be determined by the placement made. The service is providing accommodation and there is an element of support required for the Service User to maintain their tenancy. As a provider it is important to understand both the capacity, level or personal care and the nature of the support. This will determine whether it is regulated or not.
  • This area is the provision of Supported Accommodation for 16 - 18 year olds. It includes UASC (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children). In 2023 the provision is regulated via OFSTED.
  • Live in Services are typically the provision of Personal Care to those living in their own home who need additional support. The care may be Nursing or Care but it is important to determine as to whether the service is providing a regulated activity. This service is typically a regulated activity and regulated by the CQC.
  • A Children's Home is regulated by OFSTED and will require a high level of quality control measures as well as ensuring that all fit and proper tests are undertaken. On registering with OFSTED the service must be independently inspected and reports returned to both the Local Authority and OFSTED (CIESS). The Children's Home will typically operate providing living and support for Children up to the age of 16.
  • Care homes are operated where an individual often does not have capacity to have a tenancy agreement and where the service is provided as a package of care in a safe environment. Care homes are regulated by the CQC.

Business Start Up

If you are just starting up in business then you need to consider two things;

  1. Where is my first business coming from, and,
  2. How do I efficiently, effectively and professionally deliver the business.

These two must exist concurrently otherwise the business will struggle to operate.  As such we offer a "start-up" package that covers a series of activities that can be tailored to your needs and benefits from a 20% discount, subject to terms.

Franchising is a way of establishing a business quickly with support and assistance to avoid the enivitable pitfalls. Franchising does not work for everyone and can restrict your business in certain areas. This is where our alternative support package fits, your business, your way but with high levels of coaching and mentoring.

Business Start-Up

Non Executive Director

"Non Executive Director" is a unique service we offer.

Have you ever watched "Dragons Den"?

We dont demand high equity percentages, we charge a fee. Or alternatively we agree a reasonable percentage and a significantly reduced fee over a term payment plan. THe second option will be agreed only when we fully understand the earinings and profitability of your company.

It is one of our ways to offer businesses a shared risk and reward partnership designed to benefit both organisations. We understand this is not a service for every client.  To initiate this service we would need to agree the long term opportunities and the resources required. More typical we wil discuss the service after a period of working together so this service is a reflection of our joint ability to work in partnership together. 

Non Executive Director