Business Coaching

We provide industry specific coaching for the sector. This can be as a one-off fee covering a set time period, or, more typically a monthly fee which provides telephone support up to 1 hour a month. We will typically work with the business owner or senior management team to develop their competencies.

Business Consultancy

Every business at some point in time will need independent expertise to respond to a business issue, a challenge, or, opportunity. We work professionally, confidentially and focused on each engagement.

Business Processes

In a regulated sector, whether by the Care Quality Commission, Care Commission, OFSTED, etc. it is important that business processes are documented, robust and ensures the regulator is satisfied appropriate controls and measures exist. We will work with you to ensure robust Business Governance exists for your service.

Business Services

Care Framework provide a wide range of business services which include Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Web Design and Office Solutions. In a regulated service it is not acceptable to fall short or have time consuming operational overheads.

Quality Assurance

We follow a structured methodology assessing your business which includes Business Processes, Services and the Physical Environment. We will recommend improvements and report back on the assessment undertaken with red flags and process improvements.