Our Policy Writing Service

For any new business it is quite daunting with all the areas you have to consider, and that is before you actually succeed winning the first bit of business.  Whether it is employing staff or tendering you will often be asked to demonstrate or provide copies of your policies.  If these are not comprehensive but most importantly fit for purpose you will not be successful irrespective of how good your product or service may be.

The policy document must be well structured and have history of changes made therefore demonstrating that as a business you have reviewed ad ensured that the document is concurrent.


How long does it take you to write a 5-page document?  Even given if all information is readily available or even if you are cutting and pasting in to a document it is not a 5-minute task. We believe our service is both professional and comprehensive but also very affordable.  You can request single, multiple or a full package of policies uniquely tailored for your business. If you want to discuss please contact us and we will discuss the service in more detail.

The following are sample of the full list of policies (Currently over 100 Policies for Supported Accommodation available).

  1. Absence Management
  2. Accident and Incident Management
  3. Capability
  4. Close Circuit Television
  5. Comments and Complaints
  6. Communications
  7. Abuse Prevention
  8. Alcohol and Drugs
  9. Appraisal
  10. Behaviour Management
  11. Bullying and HArrassment
  12. Business Practices
  13. Child Protection
  14. Computer, Email and Internet
  15. Confidentiality
  16. Data Protection and GDPR
  17. Data Protection Declaration
  18. Data Security and Retention
  19. Data Security Guidelines
  20. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding
  21. Destruction Policy
  22. Destruction of Records
  23. Disciplinary
  24. Duty of Candour
  25. Employees Code of Conduct
  26. Equal Opportunities
  27. Equity and Diversity
  28. Facilities Management
  29. Fire Evacuation
  30. Freedom of Information
  31. Grievance Procedure
  32. Health and Safety
  33. Induction
  34. Infection Control
  35. Information Access
  36. Information Breaches
  37. Involvement
  38. Lone Worker
  39. Managing Allegations
  40. Missing Person
  41. No Smoking
  42. Operations Policy
  43. Out of Hours
  44. Photographic
  45. Physical Restraint
  46. Placement Policy
  47. Professional / Personal Boundaries
  48. Purchasing
  49. Quality and Quality Management
  50. Recruitment and Safer Recruitment
  51. Restricted Covenant
  52. Risk Assessments
  53. Safeguarding
  54. Search Declaration
  55. Serious Incident
  56. Standards of Business Conduct
  57. Staff Retention
  58. Storage Archiving
  59. Training Agreement
  60. Use of Own Vehicle
  61. Weapons Policy
  62. Website Terms
  63. Whistleblowing

Policy Pricing 

We have a comprehensive database of policies which are maintained on a regular basis to keep them concurrent with legislation.

The most beneficial way of engaging our services would be to sign an agreement for a full set of policies but alternatively you can purchase individual documents.

Individual policy requests, up to 10 charged at £50 per document.

Any requests for 11+ the additional policy documents would be charged at £25 per document

Alternatively a full set can be ordered for £1,200 (Over 50 Documents).