We offer a number of services supporting businesses and staff to deliver comprehensive practices around safeguarding all that come into contact with your service.

The complexities of Safeguarding scenarios it is important that all staff can understand what is a Safeguarding concern and what is not. We run a workshop that explores real life scenarios, what was presented and how these developed. The scenarios are discussed, staff give their thoughts on how they may have reacted and also the complexities that may need to be considered.

Our other services are providing direct support in escalating situations and advising business owners and senior managers on the correct course of action. This can also be extended to atending regular meetings discussing progress and actions.

The final area is where through Complaints or Whistleblowing we can provide escalation where these directly relate to the senior manager or director.

Safeguarding Board

We can offer a Service where we will Chair and review all Safeguarding. This add on service fully removes conflicts of interest within a family business. It also improves governance and controls for all.