Business Coaching

We provide industry specific coaching for the care profession sector.  This can be as a one-off covering a set time period, or, more typically a monthly fee which provides telephone support up to 1 hour a month.

Business coaching is providing senior level sounding and validation without direct involvement or delivery.  Large company senior executives engage business coaches and advisers who work with their leaders to assist in strategy and delivery, devolved from day to day operations the office politics and employee personalities.  This becomes an invaluable service as coaching provides confidence and conviction in an individual to deliver strategy and change.

Coaching is not consultancy, coaching is very much the business takes ownership and carries out the tasks or activities.  Consultancy is where the third party is engaged to deliver a piece of work.  Both are very important for a business and are often deployed together depending on the velocity of change.

Why coaching works for a small business is that in most cases the business is established as a one director enterprise who very quickly appoints staff and becomes the link pin to all activity in the business.  Have you ever heard the saying, "Can't see the wood for the trees"? Well when a business owner gets so embroiled in operational activity defining and setting strategy becomes difficult as well as the decision making process. 

It is always difficult to remove oneself from the business you have commited heart and sole to but often using a business coach allows for reflective and strategic decision making.