Leadership & Interim Director

Our Leadership engagements are often referred to as Interim Director placements and are where we under contract have agreed hours or days per week or month within the business.  The engagements are often used to cover senior executive absenteeism or significant change in the business where specific skills are needed over a time period.

So what does it cost?

As a leader and business change agent we can not discount our consultants fee for this service but we can look at deliverables, shared returns and equity investment but typically our costs are irrelevant in comparison to the business returns.  To be quite honest if you want to grow the business exponentially and at present you are struggling then the fact you are looking at our services provides the answer.  Can you afford not to engage our services!

The time per engagement vary and some are as little as 1-day per month.

We are engaged with clients in the following sectors on Leadership engagements.

  • Interim Sales Director - IT Software Company
  • Interim Sales Director - Cleaning Company
  • Non Executive - Charity
  • Interim Managing Director - Manufacturing
  • Interim CEO - Design Company

We have completed engagements as a Finance Director, Operations Director (Mental Health Charity) and Sales Manager.