Web Services

In Spring 2023 the company made a decision to no longer provide Web Sites. The decision was taken for a number of reasons but primarily it was the consideration as to why the business started initially a design agency. This was to fill a gap for a small number of consultancy clients who had experienced difficulties with their internet presence. The market has moved on and although a website forms a significant element it is complimented with social media significantly more than previous. The number of cyber attacks and hacking threats are so much greater 6-years on and a website should be constantly updated and maintained. This means you need to consider your investment and cheap and cheerful is no longer right for a business.

Our knowledge of the Internet space remains and means we can advise and consult in the areas of content management, presence and also social media. 

Existing clients will be supported for a limited time period, hosting can continue with our hosting firm but the management and content will be user managed or through appointment of your web designer.