• Business Mentor

    Having a Business Mentor can validate, check and challenge your decisions. This will either de-risk or ensure you have considered all probabilities and eventualities and the risks are acceptable.
  • Consultancy

    Consultancy provides expertise when you need it. The right consultant will save your business £000's in operational delivery and business solutions as a expert.


Especially within the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business it is important to understand the skills and resources do not need to be "employed" resource. It is both financially and operationally more effective to engage expertise through consultancy.  It is proven to provide a better return than employing someone full time or training internal resource for activities that may account for only 1 - 5% of the business activities. 

Would you employ a full time qualified accountant to do your accounts on an annual basis maybe for 2 or 3 days work a year?

There are many business functions that can be outsourced in a similar manner. Also with the right resource Consultancy and Mentoring (Coaching) become significant considerations.  Kingscavil Associates offer a wide range of Management Services we believe will make a difference to your operations.

Information Audit

With GDPR your information management and controls, for both electronic and printed data, need to be up to date, meticulously managed and actions logged so as not to expose the organisation to legal challenge.


Skills and Training Matrix

It is important that Workforce Planning has a place in the company that you can at any point in time assess a need and how you can deliver. Understanding all staff Training, Skills and Experience will enable the Company to assess but also strategic planning.

Skills Matrix

Management Controls

In business it is important to not only have checks and balances it is equally important that these are demonstrated. Controls cover Financial, Personnel and Strategic decisions. A business change should be appraised thus improving success. 


Corporate and Business Risks

Risks are everyday business considerations and your decisions and changes may have a direct on an identified risk resulting in an issue materialising or vice versa. It is highly recommended that risks are identified and the management team review and update on a regular basis. 



Accreditations are a way of demonstrating the governance, controls and practices of the business giving customers confidence before the buy. Typically they are a quality mark that your services are independently assessed.


Company Policies

Policies serve an important part of any business by interpreting legislation and how it effects or aligns to your business. Policies should be available to staff and customers defining how you work and deliver a service with reference to specific legislation or regulatory controls.

Company Policies